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KOSO New Dual EGT with RPM and Water Temperature
KOSO TEMP W/EGT KOSO Gauge Dimensions
Water Temp/EGT Dimensions
This gauge allows you to tune the engine more precisely and prevent engine damage. The settable warning and maximun recall functions for both EGT's, RPM and water temperature are easy to use and show you vital engine information. The color change and backlighted screen makes it very easy to see the settable warning. This tool can save your engine from expensive repairs!

Comes with:

Probes, Std or Fast Response EGT Sensors.
1 Water Temperature Sensor
2 EGT Clamps
Gauge Bracket

Item Part# Price
Dual EGT w/RPM and Temperature (std Probes)TGT006B00$419.95
Dual EGT w/RPM and Temperature (Fast Response Probes)TGT006B00X$449.95
Avenger I
Avenger I
The new Avenger I by Racepak records 1 RPM and 2 EGT temperatures and displays them one at a time on a backlit LCD with .800" digits. You can replay 6 minutes of data or simply display peak readings during any run. The Avenger I can also be programmed for an alarm mode where a red light will flash when user programmed maximum limits are exceeded. Compact and waterproof, it fits in a standard 2-1/16 gauge cutout. Kit comes complete with 2 quick response EGT probes & remote switch.
Avenger I KitTGT14823$450.00
Quick Response EGTTGT14824$79.00
The latest in exhaust gas monitoring for correct carb calibration. Large digital display with programmable warning function and max temp playback. Comes complete with probes. Can be run with 12 volt battery or directly off lighting circuit. Available in single and twin models.
KOSO Single EGT & ProbeTGT04065$225.00
KOSO Twin EGT & ProbeTGT06B61$325.00
Lap Timer
Lap Timer
Mount this timer on your sled and record lap times in oval or snocross. With an extra beacon, it is also perfect for drag racing and speed run test. Only 4" x 2" x 1" in size, and operates on 9V and AA batteries. Provides 250 data memory with .01 sec. accuracy. Beacon is threaded for easy tripod mounting. High tech, vibration resistant circuit design. Used by professional auto, cycle & snowmobile racers. Purchase extra beacons for split timing.
Oval & SnoX TimerTGT14830$475.00
Drag & SpeedrunTGT14831$599.00
Extra BeaconTGT14832$125.00
Single Gauge
This easy to mount lit 2" analog gauge is small enough to fit in almost any space on the dash or handlebar panels. Add a 3 - way switch and you can monitor 3 different cylinders. Order probe separately. (see probe section)
Single GaugeTGT14713$112.00
3 - Way SwitchTGT14715$59.00
Spare Light KitTGT14716S$12.00
Triple Gauge
Triple in-dash or on-dash analog gauges are lit, easy to install and can save you hundreds of dollars in repairs. Order probes separately.
Triple Gauge (in-dash)TGT14717$210.00
Triple Chrome Bullet Gauge (on-dash)TGT14720$240.00
Spare Light KitTGT14716L$12.00
Twin Gauge
Twin Gauge
Avoid costly burndowns. Install our lit twin analog gauge in or on your dash with either heavy duty probes or EGT Technologies Quick Responsive Probes. Order probes separately. (see probe section)
3" Twin In DashTGT14711$122.00
3" Twin On DashTGT14712$152.00
Spare Light KitTGT14716L$12.00
Probes and Quick Coupling
AAEN Heavy Duty probe
Our heavy duty ptobes are custom designed for AAEN, with stronger wire and a special tip designed for consistant reading.
EGT Tech Quick Response Probe
Exhaust Gas Technologies supply the top teams in NASCAR, NHRA & INDY as well as AAEN, with quick response probes.
Quick Disconnect Coupler
(Use when you don't have time to unscrew the probe when removing the pipe) Price includes 1 male & 1 female end.
Installing EGT Probes
EGT Probes
The exhaust temperature gauge is powered by a thermocoupling probe mounted in the exhaust pipe.
1 pipe per cylinder (1 Probe per cylinder) - Mount probe 10" - 12"  from piston.
2 into 1 (2 Probes) - Install the probes in the "Y" as close to the junction as possible.
2 into 1 (1 Probe) - Install the probe in the pipe 2"  beyond the coupler.
800 - 1100Too Rich
1100 - 1300Good Mixture
1300 F. and UpToo Lean
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