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Porting and Big Bore Kits
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Cylinder Porting
With today's highly developed two stroke engines, you need experience to improve performance. Modifying the ports to higher power levels requires larger port areas for increased performance. Thirty years and thousands of successful race engines has provided us with a large data base on cylinder modifications. This in turn has led us to the development of our own proprietary formulas for calculating the correct intake, transfer and exhaust areas for increased power levels. Generating the best port shapes for maximum power without sacrificing reliability is one of our areas of expertise.
Trail Porting
Our dyno developed and field tested trail porting places priority on a wide powerband with good back up torque. For maximum power output, the head should be machined to match the trail porting.
Trail Porting, per cylinderLBR1020$249.00
Head Machining For Trail Performance
Machining of the cylinder head is recommended as part of the cylinder porting package. Compression ratios and squish clearances are matched to work with premium pump gas. A head machined for trail porting can also be used with stock cylinders for improved acceleration and top end power.
Head Machining (trail), per cylinderLBR13006$70.00
Race Porting
Our race porting delivers maximum power for all out competition. Race porting gives you more power at higher RPM's than our trail porting. Increased compression levels and tighter squish clearances to speed up combustion at high RPM's will require the use of high Octane Racing gasoline.
Race Porting, per cylinderLBR1021$299.00
Vintage Race Porting, per cylinderLBR1022$299.00
Head Machining (race), per cylinderLBR1023$80.00
Case Matching - Tunnel Porting
Intake and transfer flow can be improved by matching the transfer passages to the case. Tunnel porting Rotary Valve and Case Reed intake passages improves flow and increases top end power.
Case MatchingLBR1010-CM$70.00
Tunnel PortingLBR1010-TP$80.00
Big Bore Kits
"There is no substitute for cubic inches" is an old Hot Rod saying. If performed together with necessary increase in port area, you get more power from engagement to top end. With the high quality Nicasil plating services now available, Big Bore kits can be as reliable as stock cylinders. Big Bore kits include full porting modifications and machining of the combustion chambers and squish area to the correct compression ratio.
SKI DOO     
REV 80080084012POS11400$1,899
Mach Z80088918POS11514$1,899
Crankshaft Repair Or Modification
When you need your crank repaired or modified with better bearings and pin welding, we offer expert service.
 LBR1005Price = Parts + Labor
Cylinder Boring
Cylinder is bored to oversize and honed to correct clearance with your piston,
(piston extra)
Cylinder Re-Sleeving
New sleeves are bored and honed to piston size. Ports are matched to cylinders and chamfered to improved good ring life,  (piston extra)
 LBR1018Price = $139.00 + sleeve price
Cylinder Re-Plating
Plated cylinders can be repaired with new Nicasil coatings. Damaged cylinders can be repaired by welding and re-machining before plating.
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