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Gold Velocity Stacks
Gold Velocity Stacks
Velocity Stacks improve airflow and catch spit-back for better low end response. Anodized in gold for a trick look on your engine.
36-38 CarbsCBA12556$20.00
40-44 CarbsCBA12557$20.00
Throttle Cables
Throttle Cables
We have developed special cables for our kits with added emphasis on safe threaded junctions that will not jump out.
38 mm Twin CableCBA12571$125.00
38 mm TMX Twin CableCBA12578$125.00
44 mm Twin CableCBA12572$125.00
38 mm TMX Triple CableCBA12579$149.00
44 mm Triple CableCBA12576$149.00
Improve fuel atomization, great throttle response. Kits available for 34 mm, 36-38 mm and 40-44 mm Roundslide carbs.
* call for pricing
Uni-Sync is a scientifically engineered precision instrument which provides a visual method of balancing carburetors with a high degree of accuracy, assuring the ultimate in performance from engines using more than one carburetor. An indispensable tool for racers and professional mechanics. It eliminates guess work and saves setup time. Comes with remote readout to easily reach carbs located in cramped under-hood areas without sacrificing accuracy. Complete instructions included.
Deluxe Tool Kit
Includes all necessary tools to service your Mikuni Carbs.
Mikuni pocket Tuner
Tune your carbs for changing altitude and temperature with this simple slide rule.
Mikuni Jet Board
Holds 25 main jets. Folds into wallet form. Jets press in and will not fall out.
Orange Fuel Line
Liven up the appearance of your race sled with this tough space age 1/4 inch "Polymeric" plastic fuel line! (priced per foot)
ITEM#CBA12547$2.00 per ft.
RAD Gauges
RAD Gauges
Take the guess work out of jetting your carbs. The RAD (Relative Air Density) measurement reads the effect of temperature and barometric pressure on the air density. Temperature and pressure is combined into a single needle movement that shows percentage of change. Use this RAD gauge to complement your jetting information and quickly choose the correct jetting for a given day. A handy circular slide rule fits over the gauge and gives the change in jet size. Slide rules available for hex and round head jets.
RAD Gauge w/CaseCBA12562$195.00
Hex Head Jet Slide RuleCBA12564$19.95
Round Head Jet Slide RuleCBA12565$19.95
Tempa Flow
The unit automatically adjusts for temperature variation by controlling float bowl pressure via. Differential material expansion. Easy to install, works for up to three cylinders. Forget about messy re-jetting.
Tempa Flow IICBA12729$185.00
One Way Valve w/TeeCBA12727$9.50
Atmospheric inlet filterCBA12750$15.00
Air Filters and Outerwear
Air filters allow unrestricted air flow while protecting the engine from belt dust and loose parts. Changing from an airbox to filters will dramatically increase performance if the airbox is restricted from the factory. In most cases when the airbox is removed and filters are installed you need to jet up your carburetors to compensate for the higher airflow and increased performance. Filters are made with water resilient washable cloth. Filters can be washed, dried and then treated with filter oil to be reused many times. Use with oil at dusty grass drags, use dry with Outerwear in winter conditions.
38 mm Offset (6") long, taperedCBA12596$39.00
38 mm Cone (4") filtersCBA12600$39.00
Filter OilCBA12594$8.95
Filter CleanerCBA12595$8.95
Outerwear Nylon Protective Socks
Protects filters from clogging up with snow dust
Outerwear for 44-38-33 mm (6") filtersCBA12711$20.00
Outerwear for (4") cone filtersCBA12713$20.00
Air Filters and Outerwear
Outerwear available in red, black, blue or yellow.
Please specify color when ordering.
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