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  Yamaha NYTRO FX and PHAZER With AAEN Mega Power Silencer
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Yamaha Phazer Four-Stroke Mega Power Silencer Comparison
 Yamaha Nytro FX Silencer/Header Performance Comparison 
Item Number Pipe Description Price
PIY 14002 MPP, (08-10) Yamaha NYTRO $449.00
PIY 14002-H Yamaha NYTRO Header $485.00
PIY 14003 Yamaha MPP, PHAZER $449.00
PIY 14004 Right angle end piece $29.00
Price ListNytro Stepped Flow Header
Mega Power Pipe Mega Power Pipe Installed
Mega Power Pipe Mega Power Pipe Installed
Bill Berger, Cross Country Champion; "I mounted your Header and Silencer on my Nytro and ran away from a modified Yamaha Apex by 4 mph."
Yamaha Nytro Double Step Header Pipe

We have developed a new header pipe for the Yamaha Nytro which delivers an additional 8 hp. The first section of the header pipe is increased from the stock 1.375" o.d. tubing to 1.5" tubing. Halfway up the collector junction the tubing is increased to 1.625". This extra flow area results in an extra eight horsepower increase at the 8600 rpm power peak, and an 11 hp increase past the power peak at 9200 rpm making the power curve almost flat all the way to 9200 rpm. Torque is improved by 8.4 lb.-ft. at the power peak. This is the most powerful header pipe you will find anywhere for a Yamaha Nytro, and a great choice for a performance increase if you want to run the stock muffler. The header pipe is designed from deep draw steel and silver ceramic coated for protection against the heating and cooling cycles from snow hitting it. If the header pipe is used in conjunction with the Mega Power Silencer, total power increase is 14 hp, bringing peak power to 157.8 at 8600 rpm. If both are used together, a DYNO JET EFI Tuner should be installed in order to richen up the fuel mixture.

2008 Nytro models, part number YAC0678
2009 & up Nytro models, part number YAC0991

A right angle end piece is now available to direct the exhaust up or out the sides for those who wish to install an extra tank can or accessory bag.

Yamaha NYTRO FX With AAEN Mega Power Silencer:

The Yamaha NYTRO FX is Yamaha's Best four-stroke effort to date. The Yamaha NYTRO FX is both light and powerful, and is the basis for Yamaha's Sno-Cross factory effort. The Yamaha NYTRO FX stock horsepower peaks at 138 hp at 8600 rpm, with such a long power curve that the torque peak is 90 lb-ft below 7500 rpm.

The Aaen Mega Power Silencer is constructed from steel and is silver ceramic coated both inside and out to take the abuse of constant heating and cooling cycles as it is showered by snow from the track. The 4" body houses a 2.5" core, and is packed with the best grade four-stroke fiber silencing material. The silencer is quickly rebuildable by removing the billet end cap, which is fastened with six screws. A red anodized end plate sandwiches in place the chrome outlet tube, and the removable "quiet core".

The Mega power silencer produces 144 hp at 8600 rpm, and max torque is above 93 lb-ft below 7500 rpm. This is a 6 hp increase over stock with an additional 3 lb-ft of torque. With the "quiet core" installed, the power peaks at 142.5 at 8500 rpm, with 92 + lb-ft of torque below 7500 rpm. With the "quiet core" installed, sound level drops another 4 dB (A) (40%). The Aaen Mega Power Silencer for the 08 Yamaha NYTRO FX is 7 lbs. lighter than stock and is a direct bolt-on in place of the stock muffler. An additional bracket is included to hold the rear plastic cover in place.

The extra power and lighter weight adds increased excitement to the 08 Yamaha NYTRO FX and with its quality construction, quiet core and easily rebuildable features, the Aaen Mega Power Silencer should make it a hit for both racing and trail riding.
 Yamaha Phazer Four-Stroke Mega Power Silencer Comparison 
Yamaha Phazer Four-Stroke Mega Power Silencer
The Yamaha Phazer Mega Power Silencer from Aaen Performance increases performance by 9 hp over stock and saves 12 lbs. in weight. The Yamaha Phazer Mega Power Silencer is manufactured in house by American craftsmen from high strength deep draw steel and is silver ceramic coated to withstand the extreme heating and cooling cycles. The Mega Power Silencer is 4 inches in diameter with a 2.5 inch core. A rear billet end piece can be removed with six screws in order to repack the core with high grade four-stroke glass fiber material. The Silencer comes with a removable quiet core which decreases sound level 4 dB(A) compared to using just the straight 2.5 core. In order to install the new Mega Power Silencer, the stock header pipe has to be cut behind the gas tank since it is a one piece design. If you want to be able to reinstall the stock muffler, a muffler cup that matches the Mega Power cup can be purchased and welded on to the stock muffler header section. A special bracket that makes it possible to install the rear plastic muffler cone is included with the silencer. A right angle end piece is also available to direct exhaust gases up or to the sides for those who wish to install an extra gas tank or accessory bag. With the large power increase, we also recommend installing a Dyno Jet EFI Tuner to richen up the fuel mixture. With an enriched mixture an extra 2 hp is available. The Phazer has a reduction gear box with a .7 ratio. The hp graph uses the clutch shaft output rpm. In order to convert the engine rpm use the chart below. The horsepower peaks between 10800 and 11300 on the engine tachometer.
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