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  2008-2014 SKI-DOO REV - XP 800R E-TEC
SKI-DOO REV-XP 800R Power Chart
Would the Ski-Doo E-TEC be down on power from the healthy 152 hp we found on the REV-XP 800R engine? NOT AT ALL!! When we tested the new 800R E-TEC engine we found a healthy, happy and flexible powerband that produced 154 hp at 7900-8000 rpm. When we mounted our Internal Stinger pipe and Double Core Silencer, we saw a healthy 162 hp at 8000-81000 rpm. That's a good 8 hp increase on peak power with a healthy powerband that delivers 5 lbs./ft more torque at 8000 rpm (107.3 lbs/ft.).

The QUIET Internal Stinger pipe comes with mountings for all the Ski-Doo probes. The Summit has an extra probe in the mid-section for more accurate calibration due to horsepower changes at higher altitudes. The pipe can be used with the stock silencer and this represents a 5 lbs. weight savings, remove the stock silencer and install our Double Core silencer for another 10 lbs. in weight savings, giving you a 15 lbs. savings for the total system. Aaen Performance Pipes and Double Silencers are standard in black finish, Silver Ceramic Double Coating is also available.
Item Number Pipe Description Price
PIS 11638 Pipe, 600 XP E TEC (Black) $399.00
PIS 11639 DC Silencer 600 XP E TEC (Black) $299.00
PIS 11644 Sno X Silencer, 600/800 XP E TEC (Black) $245.00
PIS 11635 Pipe, Black REV XP 800R $399.00
PIS 11648 Pipe, 800 REV XP E TEC (black) $399.00
PIS 11648-SUM Pipe, 800 Summit REV XP E TEC (black) $399.00
PIS 11635-C Pipe, Silver Ceramic REV XP 800R $549.00
PIS 11634 DC Silencer Black REV XP 800R $299.00
PIS 11649 DC Silencer, 800 Summit/XP E TEC (Black) $299.00
PIS 11650 DC Silencer, 800 E-TEC (13-14) $299.00
PIS 11637 SNO X Silencer Rev XP 800 $245.00
PIS 11634-C DC Silencer SC REV XP 800R $369.00

The 08 SKI DOO REV-XP 800 R is a brand new light weight chassis with the new SKI DOO 800 R engine. We started our pipe development with the 800 R engine already last year when it was available in the 07 Summit in the REV chassis.

Our 08 SKI DOO REV-XP 800 R pipe is based on our very successful and race proven REV 800 pipe, with detail adjustments to fit, header length and mid section volume to tune correctly to the 800 R engine. The stock SKI DOO REV-XP 800 R produced 151.8 hp at 8100 rpm, with a peak torque of 99.3 lb-ft at 8000 rpm. Our Aaen Quiet Power pipe uses an "internal stinger" design which cuts sound output by 6 dB(A) before the power pulse reaches the silencer. Because of its stronger return pulse, the "internal stinger" design also produces more power.

With the Aaen Quiet Power pipe mounted to the stock silencer, the 08 SKI DOO REV-XP 800 R produces 158 hp at 8100 rpm, with max torque of 104- lb-ft at 7900 rpm, a 6 hp increase over stock and a 4.7 lb-ft increase in torque. Weight savings over the stock pipe is 5 lbs. With the Aaen Quiet Power pipe and our Aaen Double Core silencer installed, peak power of the 08 SKI DOO REV-XP 800 R engine is 160 hp at 8200 rpm with maximum torque of 104.8 lb-ft at 7900 rpm. This represents an 8 hp increase over stock, and a 5,5 lb-ft increase in torque.

The double core silencer saves an additional 10 lbs. over the stock silencer and with the quiet power pipe and the double core silencer installed the total weight savings is 15 lbs. The power band is also wider than stock, a feature that has been remarked by customers as giving harder acceleration and making the SKI DOO REV-XP 800 R easier to tune. Normal tuning will require increasing the main jets 1-2 sizes and adding 2 grams to the pin weight or clicking the ramp adjuster down one number.