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TMX44 Taperbore Flatslide Carburetor
TMX44 Taperbore Flatslide CarburetorThe Closest Thing to Fuel Injection
Get the best combination of throttle response and top end air flow. By taper boring the carburetor from the venturi to a 44 mm flow area where it enters the flange, we have increased the flow from 112 CFM to 137 CFM at 5" of water vacuum. The additional 25 CFM represents a 22% increase in flow. The 44mm taperbore keeps the superior throttle response of the 38 TMX carburetor, while adding the top end power of a 44 RS.
CarbPart No.Air Flow -5"Price
44 TMX TaperboreCAR12518137 CFM$349
42 TMX TaperboreCAR12517132 CFM$349
38 TMX StraightCAR12502112 CFM$309
35 TMX ACA20025$249

Carburetor Tuning Components
Flatslide PartsPart No.Price
TM Rack NeedlesCBA12625$13.95
TM Jet NeedlesCBA12621$9.95
TMX NeedlesCBA12624$9.95
Throttle Slide TMXCBA12619$39.00
Needle and Seat TMXCBA12663$20.00
TMX Needles

Use to correct the carburetor fuel mixture at 1/8 to 1/2 throttle slide position. These fit 38 mm and 42 TMX carburetors.
Arrow Up
Arrow Up
Roundslide PartsPart No.Price
Throttle Slides 34-38CBA12530$39.00
Throttle Slides 40-44CBA12531$45.50
Needle Jets 34-38CBA12532$15.00
Needle Jets 40-44CBA12533$15.00
Jet Needles 34-38CBA12534$9.95
Jet Needles 40-44CBA12535$9.95
Main JetsCBA12536$5.00
Pilot JetsCBA12537$5.00
Power JetsCBA12538$5.00
Air JetsCBA12539$5.00
Needle and SeatCBA12541$20.00
Powerjet KitCBA12540$34.50
44 FlangesCBA12524$23.00
38 FlangesCBA12522$21.00
Maxi-Flow 48mm Roundslide Carburetor
Roundslide Carburetor
Maxi-Flow 48mm Roundslide Carburetor
The 48 mm Maxi-Flow Roundslide is the biggest carburetor we offer and has been developed on the flow bench to give you the maximum in air flow performance (165 CFM at 5"). Special machining of the bell, slide housing and spigot has maximized the flow without detriment to the idle circuits. This carburetor is still preferred by many racers because of its high flow rate and ease of tuning.
CarbPart No.Air Flow -5"Price
48 mm TaperboreCAR12516165 CFM$359
Standard 44 mmCAR12505135 CFM$269
Standard 38 mmCAR1250396 CFM$239

V-Force 3 Reeds
V-Force 3 Carburetor Reeds
The unique V-Force twin pyramid design offers increased air flow for improved throttle response, acceleration and top end power. Proven in all out racing applications from snocross to ovals, drag racing and speed runs.
Arctic Cat TriplesAAC110-683A-3$349.00
Arctic Cat TwinsAAC112-883B-2$259.00
Polaris TriplesPAC130-794A-3$349.00
Polaris TwinsPAC130-794A-2$259.00
Polaris 700/900 FusionPAC132-883D-2$259.00
Polaris 700/900 Dragon, IQPAC132-883F-2$259.00
Ski Doo TriplesSKA120-794A-3$349.00
Ski Doo MXZ 400/500/600SKA120-794A-2$259.00
Ski Doo 600 SDI/700 AllSKA126-883B-2$320.00
Ski Doo REV Carb 600 HO/800 AllSKA124-883B-2$320.00
Ski Doo XP Chassis 800R (08)SKA122-883H-2$299.00
Ski Doo 1000 SDI AllSKA122-883E-2$278.00
Yamaha Triples - ALLYAC141-683A-3$349.00
Yamaha Twins - ALLYAC141-683A-2$259.00
Boyesen Rad Valves
Boyesen Rad Valves
Power Reeds - Boyesen double power reeds make no compromises. While single stage reeds compromise low end smoothness for top end power, the double stage system delivers both.
RAD Valve - With the carefully shaped and streamlined RAD valve, air flow efficiency is maximized for both acceleration and top end speed. Available for Arctic Cats, Polaris, Ski Doo and Yamaha.
Power Level 1
Boyesen Carburetor power reeds mounts on your stock cage
Power Level 3
Rage Cage New extended streamline splitter improves response and adds up to 7 HP on Ski-Doo Mach Z nad Polaris I.Q. models.
Rev 600/800 HO$300.00
Power Wing Streamlines air-flow and reduces intake turbulence for more
air-flow and cleaner carburation. Mounts in the carburator inlet.
600 HO SDI (04-08)SKAPW-15$199.00
1000SDI, MACH Z (05-08)SKAPW-16$399.00
** When ordering give make, model and year for your application.
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