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Polaris Indy 600
Polaris Pipes | Polaris Dragon | Polaris Fusion/IQ | Polaris Edge | Polaris RMK-Rush | Polaris Indy
AAEN Pipe - Stock Silencer AAEN Pipe & AAEN Double Core Silencer
Aaen Double Core Silencer saves 6 Lbs. in weight Aaen Internal Stinger Pipe adds 6 hp and saves 5 Lbs. weight

    The new Polaris Indy lives up to its iconic reputation with a great chassis and a 600 motor that puts out more power than the old 650 triples with 122.2 hp at 7700 rpm at the crank. It is already a healthy engine, but once we had it on the dyno we tested our already famous 600 Single Pipe and gained 6.4 hp for a new peak power output of 128.6 hp at 7900 rpm. Not only did we get more power, but also an extended power peak. While the stockers power falls off at 7800 rpm, the Aaen "Internal Stinger" Pipe with our "Double Core" Silencer keeps on pulling great power all the way to 8200 rpm. The Pipe and Silencer also saves you a total of 11 lbs., which always makes the front end handle better in the bumpies. With our Pipe and Silencer your new Indy will be lighter and livelier, making the sled even more fun on the trail.
Polaris Dragon Power Graph
tealAAEN Pipe and Double Core Silencer
blueStock Pipe and Silencer
Item Number Pipe Description Price
PIP 10952 Pipe, (13-14) Polaris Indy 600 $ 399.00
PIP 10953 DC Silencer (13-14) Polaris Indy 600 $ 299.00
PIP 10952-C Silver Ceramic Pipe, (2013) Polaris Indy 600 $ 549.00
PIP 10953-C Silver Ceramic DC Silencer, (2013) Polaris Indy 600 $ 369.00