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Silencers and Exhaust Accessories
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Steel Silencers
Steel Bolt-On Silencers
Want to quiet your race pipes? These bolt-on silencers mount with a clamp to your stinger. The core O.D. is the same size as the stinger you mount it on.
7" - 1 2.25" BodySIL14804$55.00
7" - 1 1/8" 2.25" BodySIL14805$55.00
7" - 1 1/4" 2.25" BodySIL14806$55.00
9" - 1 3/8" 3.00" BodySIL14815$55.00
4" - 1" 2.25" BodySIL14495$55.00
4" - 1 1/8" 2.25" BodySIL14496$55.00
4" - 1 1/4" 2.25" BodySIL14497$55.00
4" - 1 3/8" 2.25" BodySIL14498$55.00

Aluminum Silencers
Rebuildable Racing Silencers
We developed these silencers to meet the new I.R.S. race silencer rules. This fiber-packed silencer has the required 6" core length and a lightweight 2.25" aluminum body. A steel end cap is fastened with 3 screws to make it quickly rebuildable. The steel end clamp can be clamped or welded to the stinger. The silencers are sized to fit over the O.D. of your stinger. The core will then match the O.D. of your stinger pipe. Shorten your stinger pipe 6" when mounting to obtain correct flow and tuning length.
7" - 1" - 2.25" BodySIL14501$69.00
7" - 1 1/8" 2.25" BodySIL14502$69.00
7" - 1 1/4" 2.25" BodySIL14506$69.00

3" Aluminum Silencers
These larger 3" rebuildable aluminum silencers can be used on larger twin pipes or on a single torquer pipes. Silencers are available in 1-1/4, 1-3/8 and 1-1/2 core size.
9" - 1-1/4" 3.00" BodySIL14510$75.00
9" - 1 3/8" 3.00" BodySIL14507$75.00
9" - 1 1/2" 3.00" BodySIL14817$75.00

Repacking Kit
Enough of our best strand, high density silencing material to pack two 2.25" silencers.
9"  X  15"         SIL13028$15.00
Perforated Cores
Silencers and cores are classified and sold according to the outside diameter of the core. Cores have a .050" wall. To find the I.D. of the core, check the table below.
Core size
Part Number O.D.
Please ask if you are not sure. You are responsible if cores and silencers are ordered incorrectly You will pay all shipping and restocking fees.

Exhaust Gaskets
Universal GasketEXH14534$7.00

Double Seal Flange
A radiused edge matches the inside of the flange to allow movement, while a piston ring takes care of the secondary sealing.
Single Seal KitEXH12998$30.00
Flange Only (no ring)EXH14541$17.50
Double Seal Ring (1)EXH13016$4.00
Double Seal CupEXH14510$8.00

Flanges and Cups
Whether you want to replace a cup that is worn out, or you are building your own pipes, we have an assortment of cups available. We also offer a universal flange which fits on most snowmobile models. When replacing a cup on an Aaen pipe, be prepared to provide us with the year, make and model of your machine.
Polaris S.P, Lg CupEXH14790$21.00
Polaris, Yamaha PZ CupEXH14538$20.00
Arctic Old StyleEXH14511$20.00
Arctic New StyleEXH14512$20.00
2" ACS Ball CouplerEXH14513$20.00
Universal Blank FlangeEXH14514$18.00
U Bends and Tubing
Fitting your own pipes? U-Bends priced per piece, straight tubes priced per 3 ft length.
U-Bends (priced per piece)
2"  O.D. 4"   RadiusEXH14515$25.00
1-7/8"  O.D.  4"  RadiusEXH14516$25.00
1-1/4"  O.D.  2.5"  RadiusEXH14517$25.00
1-1/2"  O.D.  3"  RadiusEXH14523$25.00
1-5/8"  O.D.  3"  RadiusEXH14524$25.00
1-3/8"  O.D.  3"  RadiusEXH14525$25.00
Tubing (priced per 3 foot section)
1"  Tubing   .050   WallEXH14518$20.00
1-1/8"  Tube   .050   Wall EXH14519$20.00
1-1/4"  Tube   .050   WallEXH14520$20.00
1-3/8"  Tube   .050   WallEXH14521$20.00
1-1/2"  Tube   .050   WallEXH14522$20.00

Springs and tabs
Installation springs and Tabs.
Springs, Ten per kitEXH13040$15.00
Springs Tabs, Ten per kitEXH13041$15.00
Spring Puller ToolEXH14539$30.00

Heat Insulation
Heat Wrap
Contains no asbestos, insulates better than ceramic coating and protects against shock cooling by snow dust that can result in cracked pipes. Secure with Snap Strap and spray with High Heat Barrier to prevent deterioration with the wrap. Roll is 50' X 2" X 1/16", wraps 2 pipes.

Snap Strap
Stainless steel tie wraps. Easier than conventional hose clamps. Kit contains 20 ft. of strap and 20 clips.

High Heat Barrier
Made by ThermoTec to protect the heat wrap from damage by fluids and flying debris.
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