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V4 Racing Engine
Aaen V-4 Two Stroke Racing Engine
95 Lbs. 18" 16" 14"
44 kg. 457 mm 406 mm 355 mm
Aaen V-4 Two Stroke Racing Engine
Engine Config.Bore & StrokeDisplacementHP @ RPM
V-4 Drag65 X 58.5800cc215 @ 10,000
V-4 Drag74 X 58.51025cc275 @ 10,000
V-4 Road Racing67.5 X 58.5850cc200 @ 9250
V4 Racing Engine
V-4 Racing Engine

The unique V-4 engine design combines light weight with the strength to take the punishment of the most demanding conditions. The durability of the design has been proven in SCCA road racing where the V-4 engine has raced problem free for several seasons in our D-Sport race car.

1000 cc engines are presently also used in snowmobile ice drag racing and ATV sand drag racing.

The compact low inertia crank fires every 90° and allows us to rev the engine in excess of 12,000 RPM without running into any critical torsional vibrations. The 1000 cc and 800 cc drag racing motors have been raced for 7 seasons without any crank or clutch failures.
V4 Racing Engine
10 Port Cylinder Design

The 10 port cylinders have been carefully developed to deliver maximum cylinder filling efficiency. The cylinder filling is taken care of by 2 piston controlled intake ports, five transfer passages and triple exhaust ports. The back transfer port is a unique design that runs inside the intake port divider, giving it the direction it needs for efficient scavenging, and at the same time allowing for maximum intake flow area. A special forged piston with a wide intake skirt insures that the intake port is large enough for the highest engine speeds.

Cylinder cooling includes a water jacket around the exhaust port. Sealing between the cylinder and head is taken care of by double O-rings.

The V-4 engine breaths through a special 4 barrel manifold with 52 mm intake diameters and electronic fuel injection.

The V-4 racing engines are designed specifically for racing.

We will only sell these engines to qualified Race Teams with solid budgets large enough to support extensive development necessary for top level racing, for more information on the V-4 Engine, please refer to the SAE papers #983071 and #983080 presented at the 1998 Motorsports Conference in Detroit.
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