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*** Order by Phone, Fax or Mail. Normal Office hours are 8:00AM -  5:00PM Monday ~ Friday
***  Phone (262) 552-8981 or (262) 552-9410
*** Fax Orders any time with documents listed below. Fax (262) 552-5312
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Aaen Performance Parts
316 Sheridan Road
Racine Wi. 53403 USA
Orders: (262) 552-9496 or (262) 552-9410
Tech: (262) 552-8981 Fax (262) 552-5312
E-Mail: aaenperf@tds.net

If mailing or faxing an order, please include your complete shipping address, phone number, complete part numbers and method of payment with credit card information. Be sure to include a daytime phone number. If any fax problems occur and you must resend, please write second fax "Duplicate".
When paying with credit card, include card number and expiration date. Please sign the order form where indicated. All orders will be sent COD, (Money orders or cashiers check). No personal checks accepted, Prepayment by MC or Visa is recommended. All international orders must be paid via Visa or MasterCard and are shipped freight collect.
All prices on this website are in US dollar and are subject to change at any time. Price at shipping date will prevail.
All orders are shipped UPS, DHL, Federal Express or U.S. Mail. All COD's require certified funds only money orders or cashiers checks. No COD's for international orders. International orders must be paid via Visa or MasterCard and are shipped freight collect.

Technical Ability  
Installing and tuning performance parts requires mechanical expertise in engine building, carb tuning, and clutch tuning. Due to the greatly varying conditions of temperature and altitude, each product has to be tuned for the prevailing conditions. This is your responsibility. We will assist with technical advice, and our Clutch and Carb Tuning Handbooks offer the most complete coverage of these subjects. If you are not experienced in tuning, contact your dealer or performance shop. Aaen Performance shall be the sole judge of the existence of any defect in the article so returned. Aaen Performance shall, in no event, be liable for consequential damage or contingent liability including, but not limited to, loss of profit, damage, cost of replacement or claims of customer of the purchaser, arising out of any total or partial failure to function of any article manufactured by it or of any engine or equipment on or in which it is used.
Warranty Disclaimer Federal, State, and Local Ordinances
Installing performance products may void your factory warranty. Due to the extreme use modified engines and chassis are subject to in high performance or racing applications, there is no warranty on these parts. Aaen Performance shall not be liable for damage or delays caused by defective material or workmanship, is limited to repair or replacement, at its factory, of any defective article or part thereof, which may be returned to the factory; transportation charges, prepaid, within 30 days after delivery to the original user. Installing performance products may put you outside compliance with federal, state, or local laws or ordinances. It is up to you to make sure you meet the rules in the area you use. Aaen Performance assumes no responsibility for products used in lieu of said laws and ordinances.
Safe operation is your responsibility. Speed is controlled with your throttle and brake hand. Do not go too fast for conditions, and participate in sanctioned races only.