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CLUTCH and CARB Tuning Handbooks
Clutch Tuning Handbook
Our popular Clutch Tuning Handbook has been revised for the ninth time, bringing you the latest in clutching technology. Special chapters on clutch theory, testing and flyweight machining. If you want to know how your clutch works, this book will save you valuable time and money. New updated sections include Comet, Yamaha, Ski Doo, Polaris and Arctic Cat

Clutch Handbook BVS16003 $35.00
Carb Tuning Handbook
Our updated Carb Tuning Handbook covers the basics in carb tuning, testing and racing. Mikuni Roundslide carbs, Flatslide carbs, and the new TMX are discussed in detail. Get the most out of your engine. Learn how to tune your carbs by using the correct parts and testing procedures. New chapter on four-stroke CV carbs.

Carb Handbook BVS16002 $35.00