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Mega Power Pipes
Developed on the National racing circuit by veteran Bill Berger to produce hard accelerating torque, a broad powerband and more top end power. Comes with 94 dBA quiet core installed without loss of power.
700 Raptor 06-12PAT96009$399
660 Raptor 03-08PAT96003$399
660 Grizzly 02-08PAT96000$399
700 Grizzly 08-12PAT96022$399
450 YFZ 04-09PAT90000$399
450 YFZ 10-12PAT90039$399
450 Wolverine 00-10PAT96010$399
450 Kodiak 03-07PAT96001$399
350 Raptor 05-10PAT96020$399
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
Jet Kits
Crisper acceleration, more top end power.
YFZ 450 Jet KitACA30200$69
Kodiak 450 Jet KitACAMQ420$69
Raptor 01-06ACAMQ414$89
Grizzly 02-06ACAMQ415$89
Procom CDI/REV Kits
Quicker acceleration, higher Rev limits.
YFZ 450 fully programableATA-AY-450-A$324
Raptor 660ATA-AY-660-C$159
Grizzly 660ATA-AY-660-G$199
K & N Filters
Get More Power with less dirt!
Raptor 660 01-05ATAY6601$79
Grizzly 660 02-06ATAY6602$79
YFZ-450 07-11ATAY4504$79
High Compression Pistons
A 13:1 high compression Wiseco piston improves torque and midrange power.
Raptor 700 Std.ATA45101$219
Raptor 700 + 1mmATA45012$219
Cometic Gasket Kit
YFZ Std. kitATAC7479$65
Grizzly/Rptr 660 Std. KitATAW6017$98
Racing Cams
Hotter cam delivers excellent midrange and top end power increases.
YFZ 450 Intake CamATA47003$199
YFZ 450 Exhaust CamATA47013$199
Grizzly 660 02-06ATA47005$199
Head Porting
Our experienced porters will machine, grind and polish your ports for maximum airflow and increased power.
Head PortingATP12999$349
Techlusion EFI Tuner
Tune fuel delivery for max. power.
Raptor 700ACA6050$239
Mega Power Pipes
Mega Power technology combines hard hitting torque with a broad power-band and 10% more power. 94 dBA
450 TRX 04-05 SilencerPAT90100$399
450 TRX 04-05 Comp. HeaderPAT90100-CH$159
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
Procom CDI/Rev Kit
More Power, higher Rev limits!
TRX 450ATA-AH450-A$159
Hi Compression Piston
A Forged Wiseco piston gets you out of corners quicker with hard acceleration!
Std. 10.5:1ATA46000$187
Std. 11.5:1ATA46100$210
Std. 13.5:1ATA46103$230
10.5:1 + 2mmATA46101$206
11.5:1 + 2mmATA46102$220
Std Cometic Gasket KitATAC7825$92
+2 Cometic Gasket KitATAC7826$92
Racing Cams
Stage 1 Improves acceleration.
Stage 2 More top end with ported head.
Stage 1 CamATA46001$269
Stage 2 CamATA46002$269
Head Porting
More flow = 10% power increase!
Head PortingATP12999$349
Valve Remv/InstallATP39001$40
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