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Pipes and Products
Catalog Page-3 / Two Stroke Aftermarket Performance
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Monster Reed Box
A new larger reed box is welded on to the 400-440 cylinder which allows the use of a larger V-Force reed cage.
Reed Box InstalledATP12997$350
Monster Reed CageACA12400$180
44 TMX Flatslide Carb
Install our big 44 TMX carb for maximum with the monster reed cage and V-Force reeds.
44 TMX CarbACA30021$349
Flywheel Machining
Flywheel is machined to reduce rotating mass. Improves acceleration and throttle response. Two strokes only.
Machine your flywheelATP30030$125
New Mach. FlywheelATP30031$399
Engine Mount Kits
Stiffer engine mounts keep your engine from twisting under hard load conditions.
Mount Kit (80 dur) 250, 400ATA3285$84
Wiseco Forged Pistons
Superior strength Pro-Lite forged pistons prevent piston breakage. The ultimate for reliability in modified engines.
400 Models Std.ATA675M08300  $142
350 Models Std.ATA639M08000  $142
300 Models Std.ATA721M07450  $115
250 Models Std.ATA536M07200  $128
*All pistons also available in .020, .040, .060, and .080 over.

Clutch Kits for Pipes
All OthersATC20019$49
250-300 Power Pipes
Our 250-300 power pipes have been designed for quick throttle response and strong pulling torque. A 5 HP gain on top end keeps you out front!
250 Trailboss (89-97)PAT20020$225
250 Trailboss (98-99)PAT30038$225
250 Xplorer (00-02) PAT30038$225
250 Trailblazer (96-98)PAT30017$225
250 Trailblazer (99-02)PAT30043$225
250 Trailblazer (03-06)PAT30003$225
300 2x2/4x4 (95)PAT20018$225
300 Xplr / Xpress (96-99)PAT20018$225
Spark Arrestor Silencer
250 Trailboss, 300 ModelsPAT20013$169
250 Trailblazer (96-98)PAT30022$169
250 Trailblazer (99-02)PAT30044$169
250 Trailblazer (03-04)PAT30071$169
250 Trailblazer (05-06)PAT30044-05$169
Lite Aluminum Silencer
250 Trailboss, 300 ModelsPAT20021$119
250 Trailblazer (96-98)PAT30023$119
250 Trailblazer (99-02)PAT30045$119
250 Trailblazer (03-04)PAT30072$119
250 Trailblazer (05-06)PAT30044-05$119
Trailblazer Top End Pipe
This new pipe is designed to produce hard hitting mid-range acceleration and great top end power.
8 HP increase over stock. Great for racing.
99-02 modelsPAT40000$265
03-06 modelsPAT40003$265
Spk. Arr. Sil. (99-02)PAT30044$169
Spk. Arr. Sil. (03-04)PAT30071$169
Spk. Arr. Sil. (05&UP)PAT30044-05$169
Lite Alum. Sil. (99-02)PAT30045$119
Lite Alum. Sil. (03-04)PAT30072$119
Lite Alum. Sil. (05&UP)PAT30045-05$119
Steel Silencer (03-04)PAT40005$65
Clutch Kit Stock CylinderATC30052$75
Clutch Kit Ported CylinderATC30058$175
Polaris ATV - Engine Mods
Cylinder Porting
We port your cylinders for a 5 HP increase and plenty of bottom end roosting power.

Head Machining
Machining the head for higher compression, adds 2 HP.

265 Big Bore Kit
Your cylinder bored out to 74 MM, ported and the head machined.
Big Bore KitATP12801$449
Race PortedATP12802$483

35 TMX Flatslide Carb Kit
Greatly improve throttle response, acceleration and top end power by bolting on this 35 TMX flatslide carb kit.
250-300 modelsACA20025$279

Block Off Kits
Convert back to using pre-mixed gas for racing application. Competition mix ratio is 32:1. Use single cable with the oil block off kit. Starter block off kit is also available.
Oil Pump Block-Off (350-400)ACA20020 $39.00
Oil Pump Block-Off (250 's)ACA20018 $39.00
Single Thr. Cable (Thru 98)ACA20021 $49.00
Single Thr. Cable (99-04)ACA20021-99 $49.00
Starter Block-Off Kit (350-400)ACA20019 $45.00
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