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Polaris ATV - Top End Pipe, Carb and Products
Catalog Page-2 / Two Stroke Aftermarket Performance
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Polaris ATV 400 - Top End Pipes
Bolt on a 25 % power increase. This pipe produces 48 HP at 6500 RPM (10 HP over stock), delivers aggressive midrange acceleration and strong bottom end torque. Use with our aluminum silencer or forestry approved spark arrestor silencer and clutch kit.
98-02 ATV Scrambler PAT30035 $269
99-02 ATV Sport & 4 X 4 PAT30035 $269
03 Trailblazer 400 PAT30035 $269
95-97 ATV Scrambler PAT30034 $269
96-98 ATV 400 Sport PAT30034 $269
Top End Spk. Arr. Sil. PAT30020 $169
Top End Lite Alum Sil. PAT30019 $119
Clutch Kit ATC20028 $49
99-02 ATV 400 PAT30046 $269
Spk. Arr.Sil., Xplorer PAT30047 $169
Lite Alum Sil. Xplorer PAT30048 $119
Xplorer ATV Clutch Kit ATC30042 $138

Polaris ATV 350-400 Torquer Pipes
Designed for heavy pulling and tight trails, Produces 43 HP at 6250 RPM (5 HP over stock) Delivers awesome stump pulling bottom end torque.
350 thru 93, 95 Sport, 93-97 Sportsman 400, 96-99
Xpress 400 PAT20018  $225
Spk Arrestor Silencer PAT20013 $169
Lite Aluminum Sil PAT20021 $119
Clutch Kit ATC20019 $49

Polaris ATV Race Pipes
We developed this 8000 RPM pipe for all out racing. Get 75 HP with our 440 kit. It has a built in steel silencer.
Outside chassis style PAT70002 $395
Inside chassis style PAT70003 $395
TMX Carb Kits
38 TMX Flatslide Carb Kit
The 38 TMX flatslide carb delivers 30% more air to your engine. Roost the competition with quicker acceleration and 5 more HP on top. 350, 400's.
Polaris Scram, Spt, Xpl   95-97 ACA30016  $299
Polaris Scram, Spt, Xpl   98-02 ACA30019 $299
Polaris 400 Trailblazer 2003 ACA30019 $299
42 TMX Flatslide Carb Kit
For ultimate ATV power. Our 42 TMX taperbore carb delivers 20% more top end flow than the 38 TMX. Recommended for ported cylinders and big bore kits.
All 400 models ACA30018 $349

Polaris ATV - Reed Valves
Boyesen RAD Valve
For smooth bottom end & hard hitting midrange power, the Boyesen RAD valve is the hot setup. Adds 4 HP.
Thru 03 ATC30023 $195
Replacement Petals ATC30023RP $55
Boyesen Double Reeds
Mounts on your stock cage. Boosts power and throttle response thru the powerband.
Item# ATA20028 $49.00
V Force Power Reeds
Twin cages double the reed area for aggressive midrange and top end. The extra flow capacity works great with ported cylinders, big bore kits and high revving racing engines. Adds 4 HP.
Thru 03 ACA30022 $159
Replacement petals ACA30029 $65
Reed Spacer Kit
Move the reed block out and get more
bottom end torque. ACA30023 $50
Polaris ATV - Engine Mods
Cylinder Porting
Ports are modified for maximum air-flow and produce 5 more horsepower on top end. Delivers strong mid-range torque with no loss in reliability.
ITEM# ATP20030 $265
Head Machining
Increasing compression with ported cylinders maximizes the power gain of your engine mods. Adds 2 HP.
ITEM# ATP20031 $85
Machining for O-Rings

Polaris ATV - 440 Big Bore Kit
Gain 10 HP thru the powerband. Strong bottom end torque and great top end. Bore increased from 83 MM to 87 MM and fit with a custom designed lightweight Wiseco forged piston. We powerport the cylinder and machine the head. Piston and gaskets included.
**97 & up models ATP30015 $675
Std. 87 MM Piston ATAP8692 $199
1st Over 87.5 MM Piston ATAP8742 $199
2nd Over 88 MM Piston ATAP8800 $199
Polaris Cylinder Girdle Kit (OEM heads)
Prevents cylinder breakage. A 'Must' for ported cylinders and big bore kits!
Item# ATP30019 $130

Maxi Cool Billet Head
The maxi cool billet head has a rear center outlet and extra cooling fins to help your Polaris engine run cooler under hard loads. Available for Polaris 400 and 440 engines in 12:1 or 14:1 compression ratios. A cylinder girdle kit is incorporated in the maxi cool head design. Available in 2 bolt version.
Maxi Cool Head 2 bolt ATP30016 $325
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