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Catalog Page-7 / Clutch Accessories Performance Accessories
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Roller Action Kit
The ultimate in clutch response. Replace the plastic buttons and aluminum cam with ball bearings and a steel cam. Get friction-free shifting action, improved acceleration and quicker downshifts on the hills and tight corners. Also greatly increases belt-life. Enclosed helix available for racing.
PVT HousingATC30016$199
36 degree HelixATC30019$125
40 degree HelixATC30018$125
42-38 degree HelixATC30020$125
44-36 degree HelixATC30050$125
42-38 degree Enclosed HelixATC30045$135
Spare BearingATC30021$20

High Efficiency Belts
Carlisle Max Belt   This belt is designed to deliver the correct combination of friction, wear and performance for serious riders
Sportsman 800ATAMA424$95

Clutch Tuning Book
In depth chapters on clutch theory and testing. Special chapter on servicing the Polaris PVT.
AAEN Power Shift Kits
Step up to great performance from your stock machine. These kits have been custom calibrated to deliver aggressive performance and smooth operation on your stock machine.
250 ModelsATC30027$130
300 ModelsATC30028$130
350 ModelsATC30029$130
400 ModelsATC30031$195
325 Trailboss/MagnumATC30027$130
335 MagnumATC30041$195
425 MagnumATC30039$195
500 ScramblerATC30040$195
500 MagnumATC30041$195
400 SportsmanATC30054$99
500 SportsmanATC30034$99
600 SportsmanATC30062$99
700 SportsmanATC30056$99

Clutch Tools
Universal Clutch Tool - Designed to remove the jam nut and spider. Holding tool can be held in a vice or bolted to a bench.
ITEM #CLA14007$169
Clutch Puller - Removes the primary clutch from the engine shaft for service and tuning.
Ramp Grinding Block - Holds all three flyweights to grind them the same on a belt sander.
Clutch Service Tool - Changing springs and helixes on your driven clutch can be a struggle. This makes it easy and quick.
ITEM #CLA14035$159
Digital Scale- Used to weigh flyweights and engine parts.
Primary Clutch Tool
Custom Clutch Parts
Primary Springs - Changing springs will greatly affect both your engagement stall RPM and your top end shift speed. Higher preload produces higher stall speed at belt engagement. Higher full shift load gives you more RPM on top end.
Stall PreLoad (lbs) Stall Increase RPM Full Shift (lbs) Part # Price

Blue/Green 20 Stock 90 7041157 $39
Pol. Yellow 40 200 190 7041102 $39
Pol. Brown 50 300 180 7041061 $39
Aaen Green 60 400 200 AAS12418 $25
Aaen Red 90 800 230 AAS12420 $25
Weights - Heavier flyweights give aggressive performance on normal trails. Lighter flyweights keep RPM up in heavy mud and sand pulling.
10MB 47 grATC1321529$35
G 49 grATC5630514$25
C 50 grATC5630418$25
10MH 51 grATC5630513$25
20-54 54 grATC5631241$25
S55 55 grATC5630509$25
S58 58 grATC5630581$25
Custom grind flyweightsATC90443/ $30
Secondary Springs - Affect shift speed and backshift. Stiffer springs have higher shift RPM and quicker backshift.
SpringsPreLoadPart #Price
Aaen BlueMediumAAS12410$25
Aaen WhiteHighAAS12417$25
Secondary Teflon Coated Helixes
Reduce friction for quicker shift action.
40 degreeATC30013$110
44 - 36 degreeATC30014$110
48 - 40 degreeATC30015$110
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