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Polaris ATV Roller Clutch Polaris ATV Steering Dampner Polaris ATV Chain Tensioner
Polaris ATV EBS Roller Clutch
The Polaris EBS (Engine Braking System) can be greatly improved by installing a Scrambler secondary complete with our steel roller action kit. You gain strong acceleration and quick downshifting as well as a much smoother EBS performance. One of the best improvements to the Sportsman EBS your money can buy.
ITEM #ATC30051$743
ATV Adj. Steering Dampener
Run hard longer without arm pump! Steering dampeners soften feedback to your arms on rough trails or race tracks. Our hydraulic model has 7 positions of adjustment to fit your driving style. The aluminum body has extra cooling fins to make sure it performs in the hottest conditions. Comes with hardware and complete mounting instructions.
ITEM #ATA30074$249
Polaris Chain Tensioner
An absolute must if you are going to race your Polaris or do a lot of riding in rough terrain.
Non-concentric models.ATA30031$99
New-concentric models.ATA30092$99
Polaris ATV Extended Swingarm Polaris ATV  Front Arm Widening Kit Polaris ATV  Dual Front Shock Kit
Polaris Extended Swingarm
The swingarm is extended 2 for longer travel and improved mogul performance. The 2 extension has proven to be a good handling package without making the steering too heavy. We can also custom build longer extensions up to 8 for drag racing and dune running. The swingarm is strongly reinforced to take hard loads. State year & model.
2" Extended SwingarmATA30072$475
Custom Swingarm.ATA30072-LBR$60
ATV Front Arm Widening Kit
Two new A-arms widen your front wheel stance by 3" for improved stability. The new arms move your wheels 1" further forward for increased caster and improved high speed stability. Increased camber also provides more aggressive cornering. Arms are supplied with new original bushings and are ready to mount. Stock tie-rods adjust to new width. State year and model.
3" Widening KitATA30071$299
Drag Race Narrow KitATA31000$299
Polaris ATV Dual Front Shock Kit
The ultimate in front suspension performance. Two Polaris gas shocks are mounted to modified A-arms and a cross brace on the frame. The result is an amazing improvement in dampening performance and the almost total reduction of front end roll. Used by Kirk Aland to win the 2000 GNCC Utility Unlimited Class Point Championship.
4 Wheel DriveATA30090$499
2 Wheel Dr. (3" Wider)ATA30091$549
Steering Bushing Klotz Oil
Klotz has long been a leader in the development of synthetic lubricants. For 20 years we have trusted our race engines to Klotz oils and they have never let us down.
Qt. 2 StrokeSAC 14737$16.00
Gal.2 StrokeSAC 14738$49.00
Qt. 4 StrokeSAC KL-860$15.00
Qt. Gear/Chain LubeSAC14729$15.00
Case Qt. Gear/Cn LubeSAC14730$144.00
This lower steering post bearing has a 660 high impact bronze bearing with grease grooves in a billet bracket.
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