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Polaris ATV - Scrambler 500   Power Development Page Back Page Next
Power 500 Graph
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Stage 1Stage 1
Stage 2Stage 2
Stage 3Stage 3
Stage 4Stage 4
Stage 4Stage 5
Race Track Proves Performance
Scrambler 500 Dyno
Dyno measurements are directly from the crankshaft
using a Dynomite water brake by Land and Sea.
Top Triple-Crown Jimmy
Jimmy "The Greek" Anagnoustopolous, Dyno man and racer
takes home 3 First place Trophies including convincing wins
in the 500 and 700cc-4 wheel drive classes at the Portage
"Canal Days" Dirt Drags May 2003.

We took our 500-4X4 Scrambler to the Portage "Canal Days" Drag races on May 31, 2003. These are 300-foot dirt drags run by the "Monkey Butt" club using their Pro Tree Electronic Timing System. The machine had the Stage 5 engine kit and Roller Action Kit in the secondary clutch. The machine was ridden by our dyno man Jimmy "The Greek" Anagnoustopolous and took 3 First class wins, including the 500 and 700 four wheel drive classes against two stroke and 700 Polaris Sportsman. The machine never lost a start all day, even running in 2-wheel drive against DS 650 Bombardiers, Yamaha Raptors and the new 700 Kawasaki. We credit this to the Stage 5 kit and the quick response of the 42mm Flatslide carb. The Stage 5 kit can easily be used for racing as well as trail riding, mud bogging and pulling.
500 Racing Parts
Top   Race  
Power Kit
Price Sheet
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Stage 1Stage 1
Stage 2Stage 2
Stage 3Stage 3
Stage 4Stage 4
Stage 4Stage 5
Full Stage 5 kit, plus Primary Clutch parts and Roller Action kit for the secondary.

We have had a lot of request for Dyno information on the Scrambler 500 Stage kits. The different Stages have been in development from 1997 to the present day. We did not want to mix Dyno information from 5 years back with recent developments, so this spring we decided to run every stage from Stock through Stage 5 back to back. This gives you a professional engineering evaluation of the power gains of each stage. 4X4 machines require good torque at lower RPM and all the mods deliver more torque in low and midrange than the stock machine. Each Stage improves cylinder efficiency rather than gain power from high RPM. This in turn increases torque and keeps the RPM close to stock levels to maintain reliability and prevent crank problems. Even Stage 5 pulls Max power at 6800 RPM only 200 RPM up from stock.
All Stage kits can be purchased with the BILLET END CAP REBUILDABLE MEGAPHONE MUFFLER!
*** Call for pricing ***
Stock  Stock: Max HP: 37.5 @ 6600 RPM, MAX Torque: 32.9 Ft/Lbs @ 5400 RPM
Polaris claimed that the new 500 Scrambler would have as much power as their two stroke 400. We found this to be true, the stock model dynoed out with 37.5 HP @ 6600 RPM and 32.9 Ft/Lbs @ 5400 RPM.
Stock  Stage 1:   Parts Rebuildable Black Muffler - 7% Increase
Max HP: 40 @ 6600 RPM, MAX Torque: 33.7 Ft/Lbs @ 4800 RPM
Our Rebuildable Black Muffler has been in development since 1996 and has proven ideal for 4 Stroke ATV's that need good bottom end and midrange performance. The Megaphone section creates a strong vacuum signal across the power band, resulting in more HP, torque and quicker throttle response. Max power with the Muffler increases to 40 HP @ 6600 RPM and Max torque increased to 33.7 Ft/Lbs @ 4800 RPM, 600 RPM lower than the stocker. This mod represents a 7% power gain over stock.
STAGE-1 / ITEM#.... PAT60000 / PRICE - $249.00
Stock  Stage 2:   Parts 42mm TMX Carb and Rebuildable Black Muffler - 12% Increase
Max HP: 42 @ 6600 RPM, MAX Torque: 35 Ft/Lbs @ 5400 RPM
The 42 TMX Carb has many advantages. Airflow is up 20% compared to the stock carb and throttle response is instant instead of having to wait for vacuum to build up as on the stock CV carb. The TMX carb is not sensitive to Air box vacuum like the stock carb and the box can be differently modified or the carb can be run with a straight Racing Filter for better power. Test was run with stock air box. Max Power increased to 42 HP @ 6600 RPM and Max torque increased to 35 Ft/Lbs @ 5400 RPM. The Stage 2 Mods represent a 12% increase over Stock.
STAGE-2 / ITEM#.... PAK 5000 II / Call For Pricing
Stock  Stage 3:   Parts 653 Longer Duration Cam, 42 TMX Carb and Rebuildable Black Muffler - 17% Increase
Max HP: 44 @ 6800 RPM, MAX Torque: 36.4 Ft/Lbs @ 5800 RPM
We tried several cams during development. Some produced more power, but at higher RPM's and with a loss of bottom end torque. This cam has 10 degrees more duration with stock lift and improves both midrange torque and top end power with only a 200 RPM increase. The Stage 3 combination produces Max HP of 44 HP @ 6800 RPM and a Max torque of 36.4 Ft/Lbs @ 5800 RPM. This represents a 17% increase over stock.
STAGE-3 / ITEM#.... PAK 5000 III / Call For Pricing
Stock  Stage 4:   Parts 653 Cam, 42 TMX Carb and Rebuildable Black Muffler - 20% Increase
Max HP: 45 @ 6600 RPM, MAX Torque: 37.3 Ft/Lbs @ 5600 RPM
Stock compression ratio is 10.2:1. Our piston increases the compression ratio to 11:1, which still permits you to use premium 92 Octane pump gas. The improvement is stronger bottom end and midrange torque. The Stage 4 Mods give you 45 HP @ 6600 RPM and 37.3 Ft/Lbs @ 5600 RPM. In comparison, a stock Polaris 700 Sportsman puts out 45 HP @ 6000 RPM. The 500 Scrambler is of course much lighter and has no trouble out performing the 700 with the Stage 4 kit mounted. This represents a 20% increase over stock.
STAGE-4 / ITEM#.... PAK 5000 IV / Call For Pricing
Stock  Stage 5:   Parts Ported Head, 653 Cam, 42 TMX Carb and Rebuildable Black Muffler - 25% Increase
Max HP: 47 @ 6800 RPM, MAX Torque: 38.3 Ft/Lbs @ 5600 RPM
There is more power to be found by porting the head. Intake and exhaust ports are enlarged and valves unmasked. Total power with the Stage 5 Mods is 47 HP @ 6800 RPM and Max torque is 38.3 Ft/Lbs @ 5600 RPM. This represents a 25% increase over stock.
STAGE-5 / ITEM#.... PAK 5000 V / Call For Pricing