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Power 800 Graph
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Mega Power Pipe

Polaris Sportsman 800 Mega Power Pipe Development
    The new Fuel injected Polaris Sportsman 800 presented a new challenge when we considered developing a new exhaust system. In stock form the Polaris Sportsman 800 engine provides a respectable 54.8 HP at 6000 RPM, but the power dips very sharply behind the peak to only 45.2 HP at 6200 RPM. Maximum torque is 51.8 lb/ft at 4800 RPM. The stock system is unique because the header pipes combines into one pipe, which feeds into the right hand muffler, with a branch pipe feeding to a second muffler on the left side. This is not a true twin system since the cylinders do not feed a silencer each. The reason became obvious when we tried a true twin system with each pipe feeding its own muffler. The result was good bottom end torque, but a large loss of power at top end because the individual pipes became so long that they were totally out of tune at higher RPM.
    The best set-up on the Polaris Sportsman 800 is a single Mega Power silencer with a large diameter core mounted to the stock header pipe. This resulted in a peak power of 57.2 HP at 6000 RPM, but still pulling strong with 54 HP at 6200 RPM where the stocker had fallen off to 45.2 HP. The big reward comes further down the power band where the single Mega Power pipe provides 4.8 HP more at 5000 RPM with a 5.2 lb/ft increase in torque. The torque peaks at 56.8 lb/ft at 4800 RPM but still provides 56.5 lb/ft at 3600 RPM where the stock torque had fallen to 49 lb/ft. This is a big 7.5 lb/ft increase in torque in the lower RPM band and makes this combination a real stump puller.
    There is no need to calibrate the fuel injection unit, because Polaris left it on the rich side, and this works well with the extra power of the pipe. To prove the pulling potential of this new combination, Chuck Grimm entered his Mega Power piped Polaris Sportsman 800 with our aggressive clutch kit in the May 1st Monkey Butt pulling contest, and pulled the full distance 3 times. The 1400 lbs. Pulling trailer could not put enough load on to stop him. Chuck reports a good increase in top end speed and awesome power in the midrange. Switching to the single pipe saves 14 lbs. in weight and the silencer comes standard with the quiet core, while a 4" Supertrapp forestry service approved spark arrestor kit is available.
Part Number Item Description Price
PAT 30095 Mega Power Pipe Sportsman 800 (05-07) 399.00
PAT 96053-SC Mega Power Pipe Sportsman 800 (11-14) Silver Ceramic 399.00
PAT 96053-BC Mega Power Pipe Sportsman 800 (11-14) Black Ceramic 399.00
PAT 96028 Mega Power Pipe Sportsman 800 (08-10) 399.00
PAT 96053 Mega Power Pipe Sportsman 800 (11-14) 399.00
PAT 50100 Spark Arrestor 129.00
PAT 50006 Shield (Use with Spark Arrestor) 49.00
ATC 30071 Clutch Kit, Sportsman 800/RZR 800 118.00
ACA 6026 TFI Tuner 249.00
ATP 12995 700/800 Twin Head Porting 399.00
Chuck Grimm off the starting line Chuck Grimm putting on the steam
Chuck Grimm off the starting line Chuck Grimm getting to mid-track
Chuck Grimm near the full pull line Another Full Pull for Chuck Grimm
Chuck Grimm near the finish line Another Full Pull for Chuck Grimm
Chuck Grimm pulls a 1400 lbs. load wagon 100ft. for a full pull with his
Aaen Performance Mega Power Pipe and Clutch Kit on his Polaris Sportsman 800.