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Performance Accessories
Suzuki LTZ 400 ~ Kawasaki KFX 400 ~ Arctic DVX 400 Suzuki 250 Quad Racer and Honda Four Trax 250R Suzuki Quadzilla 500
Suzuki Quad Racers
The new 450 Quad Racer out handles the competition, but you can always use more power. From racing exhaust to head mods, we have race proven kits and EFI tuners to go with them.
450 Mega Power PipePAT96002$399
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
Techlusion EFI TunerACA6011$239
Hot Cam IntakeATA47007$199
Hot Cam ExhaustATA47008$199
Forged Racing Piston Std.ATA45104$204
Piston, Std. + 2.5mmATA45116$224
Piston, High Compression Std.ATA45117$228
Piston, High Compression Std. + 2.5mmATA45118$235
We also have racing pipes and porting services available for the original two stroke Quad Racers.
500 Quad Racer PipePAT20007$225
250 Quad Racer PipePAT20008$225
Mega Power Pipes
Let our Mega Power technology put some extra kick into your quad with hard hitting acceleration and more top end power.
King Quad 700 05-08PAT96006$399
Quad Sport LTZ/250 05-10PAT96008$399
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
Techlusion EFI Tuner
A screwdriver is all you need to increase low, mid, top end and acceleration fuel flow on your EFI.
King Quad 700ACA6010$249
Mega Power Pipes
Two into one Mega Power Silencer with new rear header pipe included. Great torque and hard acceleration.
750 Brute Force 06-10PAT96005$399
700 V Force 04-10PAT90304$399
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
Jet Kits
Experience quicker acceleration and more power with a finely tuned jet kit...
750 Brute Force 05-06ACAMQ098$89
700 Prairie 04-06ACAMQ075$89
Procom CDI/Rev Kit
KFX 700 04-05ATAAK700-A$199
Hot Cams
MUDBUSTER: Designed to give awesome midrange torque!
Prairie, Twin Peaks 700 04-06ATA47009$359
Prairie, V Force 700 04-05ATA47009$359
Brute Force 750 05-06ATA47011$359
High Compression Piston
11.5:1 Std. Prairie/KFX 700ATA45108$152
11.5:1 + 2mm Pr/KFX 700ATA45109$152
11.5:1 Std. Prar/Brute 750ATA45110$162
11.5:1 + 2mm Prairie/BruteATA45111$182
Std Gasket Kit Pr/KF700ATAW6162$132
2 mm Gasket Kit Pr/KFXATAW6409$132
Arctic Cat ~ Mega Power Pipes
1000 Wildcat (12-13)PAT96064$399
650 V Twin 05-07PAT90503$399
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
650 H1 05-06 Jet KitACAMQ149$69
Hot Cams
MUDBUSTERS: Offer more torque and improved acceleration.
650 V-Twin (2 cams)ATA47009$359
STAGE 1: Add more power in mid range and top end.
650 V-Twin (2 cams)ATA47011$359
Hi Compression Piston
11:1 Std V-Twin 650ATA45112$152
11:1 0.50 V-Twin 650ATA45113$152
11:1 1.00 V-Twin 650ATA45114$152
11:1 2.00 V-Twin 650ATA45115$152
80-81 mm Gasket KitATAW6105$107
82 mm Gasket KitATAW6162$132
Carlisle Power Belts
Grizzly 01-12ATAMA422$77
Kodiak 01-12 400/450ATAMA417$74
King Quad 700ATAMA001$89
Vinson 500LTATAMA002$89
Cat 650 H 1 06 650ATAMA003$89
500 auto 06ATAMA401$75
500 auto 03-05ATAMA400$73
Yamaha - V-Force 650/750, Prairie 700ATAMA418$73
Brute Force 650/750, Arctic cat H 1 650ATAMA418$73
V-Twin 650ATAMA418$73
Head Porting Our experienced craftsman enlarge and polish the passages and unmask the valve flow area, for more torque and top end power. Available for all models... ATP12999 (Larger valves and head machining also available.)  $349
Suzuki LTZ 400 ~ Kawasaki KFX 400 ~ Arctic DVX 400
All performance kits we offer for these popular machines are proven race winners!
Mega Power Pipes
A larger header pipe and tapered megaphone section give you a great top end power increase. The large diameter core section improves midrange torque and drops sound to a 94 dBA trail legal level.
Mega Power PipePAT90200$399
Comp HeaderPAT90200-CH$159
Spark Arrestor KitPAT50100$129
Jet KitACAMQ214$89
K & N FilterATA40002$81
Power Cams
Install the new intake cam for great trail power. For the ultimate power increase add the exhaust cam.
Power Cam Intake 00-07ATA47001$269
Power Cam Exhaust 00-07ATA47002$269
Procom CDI / Rev Kit
Rev Limits
03-04 Models ATA48000$159
05 ModelsATA48001$159
Forged Racing Piston
Get more torque and midrange power with a 13.5:1 Wiseco piston.
12.2:1 Std.ATA47000$184
12.2:1 + 2mmATA45105$203
13.5:1 Std. ATA45106$182
13.5:1 + 2mmATA45107$202
Head Porting
Our experienced porters will port your head for maximum power.
Head PortingATP12999$349
440 Big Bore Kit
The cylinder is re-sleeved and bored out to 94.5 mm. Get 440cc of displacement and 10% more power.
**440 BBK 12.5:1ATPCK144$987.00
**440 BBK 13.5:1ATPCK145$1013.00
BBK Piston 12.5:1ATA47101$220.00
BBK Piston 13.5:1ATA47101$220.00
**Includes piston, rings, gaskets and cylinder
Suzuki 250 Quad Racer and Honda Four Trax 250R
When the National Factory Racers Circuit was active in the late 1980's we were very involved with our own Factory riders, competeing at the National races, often beating factory teams and achieving consistent top five placement. The resulting engine work and pipe development made our Quads Very fast on the harder Midwest Dirt Tracks with strong emphasis on Midrange acceleration and Top End power. These pipes are still available for both the Suzuki 250 Quad Racers and the Honda 250 Four Trax Racers.
Part Number Item Description Price
PAT 20009 (85-86) SUZUKI 250 Quad Racer 249.00
PAT 20008 (87-89) SUZUKI 250 Quad Racer 249.00
PAT 20005 (86-87) Honda Four Trax 250R 249.00
PAT 20004 (88-89) Honda Four Trax 250R 249.00
TMX 42-44mm Alcohol Carbs
Get 15% more power and a cooler running engine. We spent last fall developing an Alcohol version of our very popular TMX Flatslide carb. The development was done on our Polaris Sport 470 Big Bore Drag Quad. The carb is modified with bigger passages and larger bored out pilot and main jet circuits, comes with a selection of special bored out main jets for correcting fuel supply on top end. Gravity Feed directly off the tank, no need for fuel pump. Specify Race Application and Engine Mods.
Alcohol Carb Kit ~ $ 395.00 ACA 5000 42mm Kit ACA 5001 44mm Kit
BeNOL Racing Castor Oil
Specially formulated oil to mix with Alcohol without separating, great for 2 Stroke engines on premix, Protects against rust formation!
Suzuki Quadzilla 500/500 Pipe and Silencer
Suzuki Quadzilla 500
There are 3 different pipes available for the 500 Suzuki engine. The original pipe (PAT 20007) was developed back in the late eighties and is a Moto Cross Pipe with emphasis on smooth power and strong torque through the midrange. This pipe was ideal for the Midwest Moto Cross Circuits and had an awesome hole shot. As late as 2004 it was used by Bill Berger to win the open class at the Ashtabula, Ohio National TT Races.
The newer pipe (PAT 1000) is a higher volume Midrange / Top end pipe, developed with sand racers and is a great performance in the sand dunes and in the dirt drag strip. This model fits the stock quadzilla chassis. Also available is the regular aluminum silencer (PAT 1001) and the Spark Arrestor Silencer (PAT 1001-SA).
The newer high volume pipe (PAT 1002) is also available for those who fit the Quadzilla engine into the 250 Four Trax Honda chassis. The Aluminum Silencer is also available for this version (PAT 1003), As well as the Spark Arrestor version (PAT 1003-SA).
Our high volume pipe was part of a Dyno Shootout and the results can be found on : http://z15.invisionfree.com
Part Number Item Description Price
PAT 1000 Suzuki Quadzilla 500 (500 Chassis) 349.00
PAT 1000-C Silver Ceramic Coated Suzuki Quadzilla 500/500 499.00
PAT 1001 Aluminum Silencer 119.00
PAT 1001-SA Spark Arrestor Silencer 169.00
PAT 1002 Suzuki Quadzilla 500 (250 Honda Chassis) 349.00
PAT 1002-C Silver Ceramic Coated Suzuki Quadzilla 500/250 499.00
PAT 1003 Aluminum Silencer 119.00
PAT 1003-SA Spark Arrestor Silencer 169.00