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Scrambler 400 - Sport 400 - Trailblazer 400
Polaris Scrambler Power 400 Graph
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Torquer Pipe
Top End Pipe
Stage 1
Stage 2
Stage 3
Stage 4
Stage 5

Power Development
Large improvements in power are possible with the 400 Scrambler engine. Below you will find both direct bolt-on stages, as well as porting and our 400 Big Bore kit.
  Stock:  The stock 400 Scrambler engine has a wide powerband with a peak of 38 HP at 5750 RPM. Top
  Torquer Pipe:  Our Torquer Pipe has a wide powerband with strong bottom end performance and maximum power of 43 HP at 6250 RPM.
  Top End Pipe:  The top end pipe produces strong midrange and top end power and still has good bottom end pull. Maximum power is 48 HP at 6250 RPM.
  Stage 1: Top End Pipe with a Boyesen RAD valve and a 38 TMX carb. The superior throttle response of the 38 TMX flatslide carb is combined with the strong midrange pull a Boyesen RAD valve.
Maximum power with the top end pipe is 52.5 HP at 6500 RPM.
  Stage 2: Add trail porting to the top end pipe, Boyesen RAD valve and 38 TMX flatslide carb and increase your output to 57 HP at 6750 RPM.
  Stage 3: Full mod kit includes modified top end pipe, V-Force reeds, a 42 TMX carb and race porting and delivers 61 HP at 7250 RPM.
  Stage 4: 440 Big Bore Kit has an 87 mm piston and trail porting. Combined with 42 mm TMX carbs, V-Force reeds and top end pipe and you have 63 HP available, with a large improvement in torque through the powerband.
  Stage 5: 440 Big Bore Kit with Race Porting. 14:1 Maxi Flow Head, Monster Reed cage, 44mm Carb and Top End Race Pipe. This combination delivers 75 HP @ 8000 RPM with a wide torque band for hard acceleration.